The group gives its warm welcome to two new members: Dr. Anne Le Cunuder from ENS Lyon (France), and Dr. Ralph Stoop from University of Basel (Switzerland). At the moment we are offering postdoctoral position in Soft Matter physics only via National calls. Please see our "opening" section.

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 Colloidal systems, i.e. fluid suspensions of micron-sized polymer spheres, are interesting not  only for their ubiquitous technological nature (colloids are presents in fogs, creams, foams, smoke, paints, etc..) but also because they provide a rich playground for basic Condensed Matter Physics. Colloidal particles display Brownian motion, size in the visible wavelength and dynamics in experimentally accessible time frames. Yet interactions in colloidal systems can be easily tailored in strength and range via application of relatively small external fields. These striking features make colloids excellent models for behaviour and dynamics in dissipative systems with intrinsic noise, i.e. systems broadly distributed in many physical, chemical and biological disciplines.

 Research activity

 We are interested in Soft matter systems like colloids, polymers or liquid crystals, with special emphasis on out equilibrium conditions, when external field or forces act over the systems. In particular, at the present we are working on the following topics:

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